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Bathing and Grooming prices are as follows

Baths start at $20.00 for small dogs

and go up to $50.00 for large dogs. 

Grooming starts at $40.00 for small dogs

and goes up to $80.00 for large dogs.

Teeth $10.00

Brush out $40.00 per Hour

Prices may vary depending upon the breed and the conditionof the coat. We can only quote estimates over the phone. We will need to see and check the dogs coat to be able to give you an accurate price.

Sleepovers are available


We only take 10 dogs per night.

So Please call for a reservation.

Daycare is included in the price.

$35.00 per night for the first dog

$30.00 for the second dog

$25.00 for the third dog

Daycare Prices are as follows:


1st Dog

2nd Dogs

3rd Dog

1 Day Package






5 Day Package







15 Day Package







30 Day Package